Conference about “Agile at company level” on Tour Agile Peru 2016

The #TourAgilePeru 2016 does not stop!... The Saturday September 3th is the turn of Tacna city, where Deusdit Correa, Country Manager of Taller Technologies Peru, will talk about “Agile in companies”, sharing with attendees the spirit and work style at Taller Technologies. More information in: or

Conference of Taller Technologies about Android on Tour Agile Peru 2016

The next stop of #TourAgilePeru 2016 is this Saturday July 9th at the city of Puno, where Hansy Schmitt will present the conference “Introduction to apps development on Android” and will be the facilitator of the hands-on workshop “My first transactional app on Android”.

Hansy Schmitt is a Senior Software Developer of Taller Technologies Peru and co-organizer of Google Developer Group - GDG Open Lima. More information in:

We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified!

On 21 July, 2015 we successfully completed the certification audit carried out by IRAM. This is the result of a process that began a year and a half ago to improve the quality of our organization. Our Quality Management System comprises all of our ongoing software services and developments. In other words, whatever we do at Taller Technologies is within the scope of our certified management system.

Taller Technologies, official partner

For the last year our team has been building expertise in the field, experience which was successfully put into practice in projects for the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. We hope our certified professionals will help other customers discover the full potential of or add value by developing and integrating mobile applications on top of

A New Free and Open-Source C++ Library Presented at the IX Southern Programmable Logic Conference

Eduardo Sanchez, a Software Engineer at Taller Technologies, presented his paper at the Designer Forum, IX Southern Programmable Logic Conference in Buenos Aires, taking place on 5th - 7th November, 2014. The paper reports on fault tolerance in embedded applications with RobustO (Robust - Object) library.

Taller Technologies Publishes in Overload A New C++ Technique For Embedded Development

Congratulations to our Tallers, Daniel Gutson and Pablo Oliva, for the publication of the article: “Minimal Overhead for Multiple Interfaces’, in ACCU´s journal, Overload. 

This article presents a technique in C++ to implement multiple interfaces in a single class without using virtual methods, thus minimizing the memory and performance impact of interface usage, while preserving distinct types of access control. 

Idiom: Enhancing Access Control without Dynamic Polymorphism


This document presents a technique in C++ to implement multiple interfaces in a single class without using virtual methods, thus reducing the memory footprint and execution time cost that come with the use of interfaces, while preserving the different forms of access control granted by each interface.

In this paper, we will present the most common use scenario for this technique, along with an example to help demonstrate this use. As well, we will discuss the tradeoffs incurred when using this technique.

Presenting “RobustO”, a C++ library to create objects able to run in hardware interference environments

Taller Technologies Argentina contributes to the free software community with a new library called “RobustO” that makes software more reliable within compromised environments – areas in which radiation or other electromagnetic interferences (EMIs) can jeopardize data accuracy and consistency.

Taller Technologies Helps The Youth of Peru

As part of our dedication and commitment to corporate social responsibility Taller Technologies Perú has supported Help Them Hope, a non-profit organization that helps young people with disabilities integrate (or reintegrate) into society through educational programs that enable them to achieve greater independence.

TDA (Open Digital Television) Antenna Finder for Mobile Devices Developed in Córdoba

Taller Technologies has presented today a mobile application to locate the TDA (Open Digital Television) broadcast antennas throughout Argentina. The application, named “Buscador de Antena TDA (L-TDA)” or “TDA Antenna Finder”, is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and is available in Google Play and the App Store

Taller Technologies Together With Agiles 2013 Peru

At Taller Technologies, we firmly believe in the Agile principles and the value it generates not only in the software industry, but also at the personal and community level. In honor and in practice of this philosophy we continue to support the Agile Community in its objective to organize the region’s most important event – Agiles 2013 – a role we have had the privilege of playing for the 2 last years.

Taller Technologies Together With TEDx Cordoba

Taller Technologies will take part in one of the most important technological and creative events from its community. Our organization associated TEDX Cordoba as a "Partner Inspiration" with the objective of supporting and being part of a creative collective which grows year after year.

Rebranding & Taller Technologies Bulgaria LTD!

Today the Talent Trust / Taller Technologies group of companies have united under the common brand “Taller Technologies". Also today July 1st, 2013 the Taller Technologies Group along with long-time partners Dimitar Bakardzhiev and Alexander Todorov have established a new company in Bulgaria to acquire the software development and training business of Rexintegra Ltd. Taller Technologies Bulgaria Ltd has offices in the cities of Sofia and Shumen, Bulgaria.

Workshop: Advanced C++ Techniques With C++ by Daniel Gutson

At our offices, on Wednesday June 19th, from 6pm to 9pm, Daniel Gutson will be conducting a free and open workshop about Advanced C++, including pizza and beer.

This workshop will show how to implement avanced C++ techniques (i.e.: Template Metaprogramming, Aspect Oriented Programming, CRTP, among others) taking advantage of C++11 new features.

Taller Technologies Launches a New Division: SPD

Córdoba, Argentina. Taller Technologies, the software development company which offers high added value services at the global level, announced the opening of a new office in the City of Córdoba where it will continue the growth of its SPD area (Special Projects Division area). Through the creation of this singular scientific application software development and advanced technologies support area, Taller Technologies intends to consolidate itself as a high added value services provider at international levels.

Taller Technologies & Agiles 2012

We are pleased to announce that Taller Technologies will be Plantinum Sponsor of the Latin American Conference about Agile Methods – Agiles 2012.

The event will take place on October 24, 25 and 26 at Universidad Tecnologica de Cordoba. On this 5th edition, we will gather once more in Argentina with software development enthusiasts and professionals during three days on which participants and speakers will exchange knowledge and enriching experiences.

Taller & Help Them Hope

LIMA (Taller Technologies - 19 of June, 2012) - Taller Technologies is proud to announce that we have agreed a partnership with Help them Hope. Help them Hope is a charity founded by John Whelan, from Ireland, who saw the need for more opportunity for disadvantaged youth with disabilities throughout Peru.

Taller Technologies Opened a New Office in Peru

Today September 12 Taller Technologies, part of the Talent Trust Group, opens an office in Lima, Peru as the logical next step in the expansion of the “Taller” brand and our global Agile solutions delivery capability from Latin America. We have commenced hiring senior engineers, and our whole team are looking forward to collaborating with new colleagues in delivering more successful projects to our growing US client base.

World of Work Insights for Manpower

We are glad to announce that Taller Technologies released of World of Work Insights for Manpower, which is now available on iTunes.

Taller Technologies is a Registered Apple Developer Company, combining 10+ years of experience in mobile application development with the benefits of agile adaptation.

This is an important step forward for our mobile agile teams that have been working on iPad applications from the same introduction of the device to the market and will allow Manpower’s users to consume high quality information and comprehensive services.

Opening of New Headquarters

Taller Technologies is proud to announce the opening of their new headquarters. During an open house ribbon cutting ceremony in Córdoba, Argentina. Taller´s relocation is fueled by substantial growth that has resulted in the need for larger facilities. The 7,500 square foot headquarters has been adjusted to accommodate several formal conference rooms, new offices, break room, and Scrum war rooms amongst other things.

Monthly Meeting of Agile Cordoba in Taller Technologies

Remember that today is the monthly meeting of Agile Cordoba in Taller Technologies Office. 
This time we will discuss estimation and software project planning in an agile environment, using the tools and practices of agile methodologies. Since the topic is too extensive, we would like you to indicate your interests and preferences on the subject in the registration form.
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