Our History

Our business began in 2000 with the opening of an office in San Francisco. We soon became closely aligned with one of the world’s largest staffing firms, ManpowerGroup, establishing an exclusive provider relationship for offshore engineering services. The delivery model at that time was to contract, while maintaining the pivotal provider role, all work to partner software development firms in offshore locations with whom we collaborated in a hybrid onshore / offshore deliver model. Today we are proud to count some of the world’s most admired companies as our clients.

Taller Technologies Argentina was established in 2009 in Argentina’s second largest city – Córdoba – a center of educational excellence with a rapidly growing international reputation for quality software development. This marked a significant change in our business model and allowed us to exert greater influence over the delivery of the key service offerings that are today our focus and to also have the opportunity to directly select, nurture, and train our own engineering talent. The “Taller Argentina” team has been built on the shoulders of a core group of senior engineers, each of whom is a subject matter expert in his / her skill set and whose previous experience includes tenures with one or more multinationals operating in Córdoba (e.g., Motorola, Intel, HP/EDS, IBM, and Globant). Taller Argentina continues to bring together Córdoba’s best and brightest IT minds – working together in an entrepreneurial and dynamic environment underpinned by Agile software principles and continuous training and learning.

In 2011 Taller Technologies Peru opened its doors in the Miraflores District of the capital city Lima. Following the successful model in Argentina, we continue to hire the best talent available in Lima and strive to establish an environment for our people to experiment, learn, generate innovative ideas, grow, develop, and improve individually and collectively. In April 2013 Taller Peru moved to larger offices in the downtown San Isidro District.

Also in 2011 we commenced operations in Manila, Philippines offering web publishing, business process support, and analytics services.

Then in 2013 we acquired our long-term partner in Bulgaria, Rexintegra Ltd, thereby forming Taller Technologies Bulgaria.

Taller is evolving each day, and the future excites us.