Core Values

1. Trust and Integrity

Our business has two foundational elements: our talented people and our clients. Trust is the single underlying principle. We strive to be the best and most trusted employer, instilling in our employees the trust that we provide for them a safe, stimulating, and rewarding work environment that furthers their personal growth and professional careers. And we aim to be a trusted advisor to our clients, delivering the highest value possible in a professional, consistent, and transparent manner. We must continually earn the trust of both our people and clients. That trust is earned through integrity and results. Integrity means that we always conduct ourselves honestly and morally, and that we treat others, our co-workers as well as our customers, the way we would expect to be treated. We have a profound respect for others, for their background, expertise, and opinions, even if they differ from ours. And we act accordingly, extending our respect across personal, professional, and cultural differences. Our business can only succeed if we establish a level of mutual trust and respect. This means being open-minded and communicating openly, being honest, forthcoming, and transparent, and treating ourselves and others with dignity, while acknowledging our mutual desire for success.

2. Agile Mindset

Nothing that is worth doing is ever accomplished alone. Our relationships and professional exchanges with others are best leveraged through collaboration. When we collaborate, our own knowledge and personal excellence are realized and thus amplified toward a greater, shared goal. 1 + 1 = 3. While the whole may indeed be greater than the sum of its parts, the role of the individual collaborator in a challenging and constantly changing business and technology environment requires a most critical ability to adapt. To collaborate and adapt means being agile, which is to encourage and embrace the inevitability ofchange resulting from the evolving needs of a project’s stakeholders. But to be truly agile is far more than adopting a particular methodology for software development. True agility requires a mindset that equates challenge and failure with opportunities for learning – and that we inspect and adapt everything we do and are prepared to learn from failures on our way to success. In order to successfully collaborate, we must embrace our teams, trust them explicitly to get the job done, and create an inclusive work environment that fosters the respect for others and their expertise as well as the courage to disagree with them and to make the right decisions, while maintaining transparency for the stakeholders at all times.

3. Personal and Organizational Excellence

The notion of excellence, without having a standard for what is being surpassed in terms of quality or talent, is an empty one. Excellence is neither a thing nor a place, as buzzwords such as “business excellence” or “center for excellence” might imply. Being excellent requires, besides individual capability, an organizational understanding and embrace of what constitutes the highest level of work performance in any given discipline of software development. Both individuals and the organization as a whole must be committed to striving for excellence through constant improvement on a daily basis and to meeting defined expectations consistently through clear communication and regular feedback. Excellence is a journey of mutual growth and progress that our people take together with the company – but where the destination is not reached on day one. We must take advantage of every opportunity to improve – and whereas today’s improvement may be small and intangible, it is an important building block for tomorrow’s major accomplishment. Through the persistence of our people to keep improving toward the highest level of quality, excellence is extended to the organization which in turn will reinforce and continually encourage that standard. Personal and organizational excellence is our yin and yang: one cannot exist without the other

4. Be Taller

At Taller Technologies we are software engineering professionals who help our clients innovate by providing solutions to business challenges. Clients rely on us, in equal parts, to be trained experts in our technical field of specialization and to be true business partners. They equally prize our classical training that allows us to solve problems from first principles and our agile mindset that enables us to inspect and adapt everything we do and to see problems in a new light. We are analytically-minded engineers who solve problems and we are entrepreneurially-minded professionals who frequently experiment and proactively seek out novel solutions. When we keep doing things in the same manner just because “it works” or “it’s safe,” the spirit of innovation and creativity dies. That is why we encourage our people to be Taller, to have the agility of mind and the courage to question the status quo and take the appropriate risks in order to explore different paths and to discover what is possible, even if it means a venture in a new direction.