Taller Technologies is a U.S. software engineering company with our state-of-the-art delivery center in Córdoba, Argentina. From here we deliver ground-breaking technology solutions that help our clients win in business.

“Taller” means workshop in Spanish and refers to our “maker” heritage in embedded systems, blending low-level electronic engineering and high-level software development. Taller also signifies our mission to help clients grow their capabilities in high tech so they can win in business. Become Taller today and harness the technologies of tomorrow.

Future proof your business: gear up for a future where technological change is exponential and competitive advantage is redefined by breakthrough technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT)

The “Fourth Industrial Revolution” is the coming fusion of the physical (and biological) world and the digital domain. Breakthrough technologies – such as accelerated computing, deep learning, vehicular automation, etc. – give rise to unprecedented levels of innovation and disruption. And with the Internet of Things (IoT), the line between physical and digital, between hardware and software has already been blurred. Given nearly 20 years of experience in both electronics and programming, Taller is ideally positioned to create industrial IoT and embedded AI solutions that require equal expertise in what are traditionally separate fields.

What we do

Headquartered in San Francisco, our software engineering center is located in Córdoba, Argentina. Here we employ a world-class team that pushes the boundaries of innovation and value for our clients.


  • Turnkey IoT enablement services
  • Full development life cycle software creation
  • Contract new product development
  • Circuit board design, hardware emulation & system prototyping
  • AI business impact consulting (AI-powered bots for business)
  • Digital services (data curation, web publishing, product support)


  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) /
    Embedded Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) /
    Machine Learning
  • Business Intelligence (BI) /
    Big Data
  • Web Development /
    Mobile App Development
  • Cloud Computing /
  • Quality Assurance (QA) /
    Test Automation

Engagement models

  • Resourcing Partner /
    Team Augmentation
  • Application Development /
    Project Management
  • Co-located Research and Development (R&D)
  • Innovation Partner

We can work with our clients as either resourcing partner in team augmentation or take on application development “start to finish,” including project management (turnkey projects)

Taller Advantage

  • 18+ year track record
  • Blue-chip client base & long-term strategic client relationships
  • Same time zone & synchronous collaboration with U.S. clients: Córdoba, Argentina is only one hour ahead of Eastern Time
  • Agility: Scrum / Agile framework, Kanban
  • ISO certification: our software development process (Scrum / Agile framework) is controlled and certified by the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system
  • Our project teams have cross-functional expertise and deep domain knowledge and are equipped with cutting-edge tools, technologies, and processes
  • Our company combines the benefits of stability / scale and breadth / depth, while retaining a boutique approach to our clients' needs


Taller client pledge: Being a value-added partner, unconditionally aligned with your success, and consistently producing high-quality outcomes at attractive rates

Eliot: IoT Platform

IoT with Eliot: robust, cost-effective, and proven in the real world

Eliot (from “El IoT”, the Internet of Things in Spanish) is Taller Technologies’ platform for industrial IoT. Eliot is a full-stack solution that enables end-to-end IoT implementations customized for clients in all industries. Taller is your one-stop partner to deliver a fully integrated solution across the IoT stack: from the thing’s sensor (or actuator), the node and the gateway, to the Cloud with application software, data analytics, and/or a mobile app. With Eliot as the reliable, adaptable, and scalable foundation, you can now accelerate your IoT initiatives within a proven framework.

Eliot: a fully integrated solution across the enterprise IoT stack

  • User interface / mobile app
  • Application
  • Cloud
  • Gateway
  • Node
  • Sensor / actuator
  • Thing

Eliot: technology stack

Unique Features

  • Wireless network-agnostic (Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN, Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee, NB-IoT, etc.)
  • Network protocol-agnostic (HTTPS, JMS, MQTT, etc.)
  • Auto-scalable PaaS
  • Over-the-air firmware updates
  • Endpoint / device authentication & end-to-end encryption (E2EE)
  • Data need not be stored locally (“measure & relay in near real-time” versus “measure, store, & sync”)
  • Two-way communication & continuous uptime monitoring (also interval-based – e.g., once per second)
  • Predictive analytics / data modeling & rules engine
  • Customizable data views: reports (past), dashboards (present), & forecasts (future)
  • Metrics & KPIs
  • Built-in asset tracking
  • Built-in real-time locating system (RTLS)
  • Integration with other applications

Demonstrated experience delivering successful IoT projects for enterprises

Taller has delivered successful IoT projects under real-world conditions, at industrial and/or citywide scale, and in different verticals (intelligent street lighting, smart gas distribution, waste management, and asset tracking). By leveraging Eliot as the enabling platform for industrial IoT – with end-to-end security and out-of-the-box data intelligence – our clients can achieve real-world successes, while saving time and money.

Out-of-the-box application-layer “accelerator features” can be customized for your IoT initiative

  • Data management / predictive analytics
  • Reports (past), dashboards (present), and forecasts (future)
  • Operational control, field service management, and end-user support
  • Scheduling / plan optimization
  • Maintenance management / predictive maintenance

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