We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified!

On 21 July, 2015 we successfully completed the certification audit carried out by IRAM. This is the result of a process that began a year and a half ago to improve the quality of our organization. Our Quality Management System comprises all of our ongoing software services and developments. In other words, whatever we do at Taller Technologies is within the scope of our certified management system.

We are certain that, besides the advantages brought to the organization by the management system, this also enables us to establish an improved market positioning due to two main reasons: (1) there is a growing number of companies certified to ISO 9001 globally, which makes this certification the most widely used standard; (2) we work for ISO 9001-certified clients, which allows us to move upmarket as software providers even more than before: it becomes our cover letter when we offer our services.

Among other features, the implementation includes the following:

  • It is 100% compatible with the agile philosophy due to the fact that Agile is a constituent of our company’s DNA: an Agile Mindset
  • We do not follow recipes offered by the consulting companies
  • The management system was developed from what we do in a simple and easy way
  • A solid set of software engineering practices as well as agile methods and techniques lays as the foundation of everything we do
  • We apply agile methods to implement the management system:
    • Early releases of working processes
    • Tests and revisions following each release
    • Continuous improvement
  • External review of an expert auditor to assist us
  • Processes designed as simple as possible
  • Continuous improvement is not perceived as a separate process because it is embedded in every aspect of the quality management system.