Why Choose Taller?

The Taller Technologies group combines the benefits of scale, reach, and financial stability, while retaining a “boutique approach” to client dedication, attention to detail, and alignment of success. We pride ourselves on servicing our clients in long-term strategic partnerships, including ManpowerGroup (10 years), Agilent (6 years), IBM (6 years), CompuCom (5 years), Disney (3 years), Zynga (3 years), Intel (2 years), McAfee (2 years) and Kohl’s (2 years).

Our Location

Our office locations provide time-zone overlap with the U.S. and European markets that make daily communication (a core principle of the Agile methodology) during our clients’ business hours a breeze.

Our People

Our people are amongst the best and brightest, coming together in dynamic teams to learn and to grow, while delivering valuable solutions that meet our clients’ business goals. As a group, we strive for excellence in software solutions, communication, and overall outcomes in every engagement we undertake.

Agile methodologies and thinking are at the heart of our company culture. We conduct continuous best-practice training, including two hours of formal English lessons per week for every employee (as well as everyday “on the job” practice), regular participation in internal and external seminars, as well as undertaking specialty “pet projects” to keep up-to-date with cutting-edge technologies and processes.

Our Processes

As the stand-out leader in the field of Agile software development in the Latin America region, our software development methodology is one of our greatest strengths.

Depending on the nature of the project, we can work either in short periods called “sprints”, typically ranging from one (1) to four (4) weeks in duration, or we can work under a continuous delivery model where we can release working software on a ”per feature‘ basis. In either model we use engineering practices to ensure quality is integrally built into the product.

Our work is highly visible and we follow an “inspect and adapt” mechanism, allowing the client and the team to validate or discover new requirements, generate ideas or even change direction at any time during the project. We can propose a suitable project management approach depending on the context and the level of business agility required by our clients. Regardless of the approach, we aim to deliver the highest possible value and continuously improve our processes and people to give the very best during the engagement.

We welcome change throughout the development cycle as we believe the resulting software is invariably better. This means that clients do not need to scope all the features of their solution up front and are able to make decisions about new features with the benefit of working software.